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  • IT law and e-commerce
  • Property law
  • Company and cooperative law
  • Employment law
  • Family law
  • Other areas of law

IT law and e-commerce

If your request concerns, for example, legal relationships relating to software including licence contracts or contracts for the development of software, provision of online services, copyright, running an e-shop including consumer protection and personal data protection (GDPR), database protection or saving of cookies.

Property law

If your request concerns, for example, a real estate transaction (in return for payment or free of charge), charge on a property (by a lien, easement, construction right etc. ), residential or non-residential leases, regulation of real estate building rights, relationships within an association of unit owners or dissolution and settlement of property co-ownership.

Company and cooperative law

If your request concerns, for example, formation, dissolution or winding up of a company, appointment or dismissal of its body, registered office changes, transfer of stakes, shares or cooperative stakes, corporate transformation, increase or decrease of nominal capital, drafting of general meeting or members‘ meeting minutes or making an entry in the Commercial Register.

Employment law

If your request concerns, for example, a contract of employment or agreement to work outside the scope of employment, an employer’s internal regulation, changes to an employment law relationship, conduct relating to termination of an employment law relationship, processing of employees‘ personal data, liability for loss or safety at work.

Family law

If your request concerns, for example, regulation of future property relationships prior to entering into marriage, relationships between spouses, divorce, parental responsibility, upbringing and maintenance of a minor or settlement of community property of spouses after the dissolution of marriage.

Other areas of law

If your query falls under a different area of law or if you are not entirely sure which area of law your query falls under.
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The initial communication with a lawyer is free of charge. Any legal services provided attact a fee. You will abe provided with a fee for our legal services by a lawyer during your online communication.
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Meet our team of experts

Daniel Mašek

Specialises in Commercial and Civil Law

Petr Kočí

Specialises in Property Law and Litigation

Josef Aujezdský

Specialises in IT and Intellectual Property Law

Taťána Pazourková

Specialises in Property and Civil Law

Petr Hulán

Specialises in Criminal and Administrative Law

Denisa Mikulášová

Specialises in Debt Administration and Insolvency Proceedings

Petra Šatavová

Specialises in Family Law

Lenka Altrichterová

Specialises in Litigation

Ondřej Bahník

Specialises in Corporate and Financial Law

Alžbeta Hudáková

Specialises in Commercial and Civil Law

Lukáš Barnet

Specialises in employment law and personal data protection law

Barbora Chvalinová

Specialises in Debt Management and Consumer Law

Kamil Žylka

Kamil specialises in civil law, in particular property law

David Svoboda

Specialises in financial and competition law

Lucie Šedivá

Specialises in Commercial and Civil Law

How does the service work?

You will select the applicable area of law that your request concerns and request communication with one of our lawyers.
We will discuss your case in more detail with you and agree the terms of for the provision of our legal services, including the fee.
Within a few days, we will draft the requested documents or otherwise provide the agreed legal services.

Main advantages


We have a wealth of practical experience from having conducted a large volume of cases. Our lawyers are specialists in across a number of areas of law.


We will deal with your request immediately and draft documents within a few days.


You will resolve everything from your office or home. You do not need to make an appointment.


We have been providing online legal services for more than 15 years.


You will have full oversight of your cases as well as your expenses the cost of for the legal services provided to you.


A higher level of security of your information than when it is sent by compared to standard email communication.


We do not provide free legal advice. However, registration and introductory communication with a lawyer are free of charge. We will charge you only if we provide you with specific legal services.

In most cases, our legal fees are based on an hourly rate agreed with the client. The client is informed in advance of the maximum time each piece of work will take. In certain cases, it is possible to agree a different method of charging.

The documents will be made accessible to you in electronic form in your user account. You will be sent an email (to the email address specified when you register) each time a new document is uploaded. Upon request, we can also prepare hard copy documents for you.